The Legal Metrology (General) Rules, 2011

Rules regarding Weights, Measures, Weighing and Measuring Instruments

Rule 11, 12 13 and 14

Every Weight, Measure, Weighing and Measuring Instrument used or intended to be used in

shall conform to physical characteristics, construction details, materials, performance and tolerance shall meet the specifications given in the Schedule. The MPE (Maximum Permissible Error) is also given in the Schedule

Schedules of Weights and Measures


PART I Reference Standard Weights
PART II Reference Standard Metre Bar


PART I Secondary Standard Weights
PART II Secondary Standard Metre Bar
PART III Secondary Standard Capacity Measures


PART I Standard Weights
PART II Working Standard Metre Bar
PART III Working Standard Capacity Measures


PART I Reference Standard Balances
PART II Secondary Standard Balances
PART III Working Standard Balances


PART I Weights (Other than Carat Weights)
PART II Carat Weights
PART III Standard Weights for testing of High Capacity Weighing Machine


PART I Liquid Capacity Measures
PART II Dispensing Measures
PART III Liquor Measures
PART IV Length Measures (Non-Flexible)
PART V Folding Scales
PART VI Fabric or Plastic Tape Measure PART VII Steel Tape Measures
PART VIII Surveying Chains
PART IX Tapes for Use in Measurement of Oil Quantities


Heading B
PART I Beam Scales
PART II Counter Machines
Heading C: Automatic Rail Weigh-bridges
Heading D: Automatic Gravimetric Filling Instruments
Heading E: Discontinuous Totalizing Automatic weighing Instruments (Totalizing Hopper Weighers)
Heading F: Automatic Instruments for weighing road vehicles in motion and measuring axle loads.


PART I Volumetric Container filling machines
PART II Bulk Meters
PART III Water Meters
PART IV Meters for Liquids (Other than Water)
PART V Volumetric Container Type Liquid Measuring Device
PART VI Clinical Thermometer
PART VII Monometers of Instruments for Measuring Arterial Blood Pressure (Sphygmonameters)
PART VIII Taximeter
PART IX Compressed Gaseous Fuels (CNG) measuring systems for vehicles


PART I Calibration of Vehicle Tanks for Petroleum Products and other Liquids
PART II Method for Calibration of Vertical Oil Storage Tanks
PART III Method for Computation of Capacity Tables for Vertical Oil Storage Tanks.

Standard Weight or Measure

Weights or measures which conform to the standard unit in accordance with metric system based on the international system and have the physical characteristics, configuration, construction, material, equipment, performance and tolerance as per Schedules of the General Rules are standard weights or measures.
[Section 8, LM Act 2009]

Registration of Importer

Rule 15

  • Manufacturers and dealers who will import weights and measures need to get registered with the GOI
  • The registration will remain valid for 5 years and renewable for an equal period.



Procedure of Registration.

Condition for manufacturing weight or measure for export

Rule 16 to 20

  • Manufacturing of non-standard weight or measure for export will require previous permission from the GOI.
  • Non-standard weights or measures made for export shall not be sold within the country.
  • Weights and measures manufactured for export will not require verification and stamping. But, the manufacturer may request for sample checking and issue of Certificate for satisfaction of foreign customers.

Manufacturing non-standard weight or measure for research

Rule 21

  • Non-standard weight or measure may be manufactured exclusively for the purpose of scientific investigation and research.
  • But, the manufacturer has to make an application before the GOI for permission.

Time allowance for verification of un-verified weight or measure

Rule 23

If the manufacturer or dealer or user agrees to get the same verified and stamped within the time that may be allowed, the weight or measure shall not be forfeited but returned to him.

Periodical Interval for re-verification of weights and measures

Rule 27

Weights and Measures
All weights, capacity measures, length measures, tape , beam scale, counter machine
24 months
Storage tanks
60 months
all other weight or measure including tank lorry
12 months

Qualifications for appointment as Legal Metrology Officers

Rule 28


  1. Graduate in Science (with Physics as one of the subject), technology or engineering, or
  2. Diploma in engineering with three years professional experience, and
  3. Able to speak at least one of the regional language of the state.
The Central Government may relax the qualification on recommendation of state governments.


The person appointed to the post of Legal Metrology Officer shall have to successfully complete the basic training course at the Indian Institute of Legal Metrology, Ranchi before posting.

Nomination of a Director

Rule 29

Every company shall inform the Director or the concerned Controller or his authorized officer, by notice in duplicate, in the format specified in Thirteenth Schedule containing the name and address of the Director, who has been nominated by it under sub-section (2) of Section 49 of the Act to be in-charge of and responsible to the company for the conduct of the business of the company or any establishment, branch or unit thereof.

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