Approval of Model of weights and measures

Section 22 of the Legal Metrology Act, 2009

  • A manufacturer or importer of any weight, measure or measuring instrument shall obtain approval of model from the Director of Legal Metrology, GOI.
  • Approval of model will not be required in following cases
    -Cast iron, brass, bullion or carat weight;
    - Beam Scale;
    - Length measures other than measuring tapes;
    - Capacity measures up to 20 litres.
  • If an imported weight or measure conforms to the standard prescribed in India, approval of model will still be necessary but the testing of the model may not be required.

Rule 20 of The Approval of Model Rules

It shall be the duty of the Authority to ensure that the model has been approved by the Central Government before a license to manufacture or permission to import a weight or measure is granted.

If an approval granted is subsequently revoked, the license will remain suspended till the revocation order is withdrawn.

Section 32 of the Legal Metrology Act, 209

Whoever fails or omits to submit model of any weight or measure for approval, shall be punished with fine which may extend to twenty thousand rupees and for the second or subsequent offense, with imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year and also with fine.

Provisions of the Legal Metrology (Approval of Models) Rules, 2011


"Model" means the physical representation of a weight or measure in which all the components bear the necessary metrological and technical characteristics and qualities as provided in the Act and the rules made thereunder.

The components should suitably assembled so to comply with the prescribed tolerances. Every weight or measure produced in accordance with such model may be similar as regards dimensions, constructions, material performance and other metrological and technical characteristics.

Procedure for Approval of Model

  1. Application should be made to the Director of Legal Metrology, GOI.
  2. The application should contain particulars and documents, as prescribed, in duplicate
  3. All the documents will be sent to a recognized laboratory for carrying necessary tests.
  4. The applicant shall deposit prescribed fee through a bank draft in favor of the Laboratory.
  5. When the model requires in-situ test, extra cost as may be determined by the laboratory shall be borne by the applicant.
  6. The result of the tests will be communicated to the Director by the laboratory and the Director will issue a Certificate of Approval.
  7. When the test is delayed, there is a provision for issue of Provisional Certificate.Approval of Model is valid from the date of notification of the approval in the official gazette.
  8. Where a model has been approved, models of different denominations of the same model will not require further approval.
  9. Each model will be assigned a Code Number which will also be indicated in the certificate.
Documents Required to be submitted
  • A sketch and section-wise drawing to show its final shape.
  • Documents to show:
  • the principle of construction and method of operation.
  • adjustment and correction devices
  • place for stamping and sealing after verification.
  • installation drawings and instructions.
  • two clear photographs.
  • circuit diagram for electronic or digital type.
  • places where sealing to prevent fraudulent practices may be applied.
  • user manual and other related documents.

Fees payable

Item Fees in Rs.
Testing of mechanical types of weights and measures or weighing or measuring instruments 5,000.00
Testing of digital or electronic type of weighing or measuring instruments 10,000.00
Testing of the substitute material 1/2 of the above

View the Format for Application

Contents of Certificate of Approval

  1. The number of the certificate
  2. A brief description of the model
  3. Mark assigned to the model
  4. Category of weight or measure
  5. A brief statement of the result of the testing
  6. Any special condition for verification and use of the weight or measure
  7. Places for stamping and sealing.

Mark of Approval

A mark of approval will be indicated in the Certificate which should also be displayed clearly and legibly on the model and also on each of the weight or measure manufactured on the basis of approved model.

The mark will have four parts:

  1. IND
  2. Last two digits of the year of approval
  3. Code number of the laboratory where tested
  4. Code number of the approved model

Powers of State Governments curtailed

Earlier State Governments were allowed to approve models of weights and measures intended to be used exclusively within the State under Section 73 of the SoWM (Enforcement) Act, 1985. The provision has not been included in the Legal Metrology Act, 2009.

The State Government has now no authority to grant approval of a model. The State laboratories are not competent to test any model, unless the laboratory is recognized for such tests by the GOI or the task has been assigned to it.

This will be a major problem for small manufacturers who sell their products within the state.